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Micro Speakers
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Model Number Input Power (watt) Sound Pressure Level (dB + 3dB) Frequency (Hz + 20%) Impedance (O + 15%) Termination Shape Dimensions LxWxH (mm) Dimensions ├ś x H (mm) 3D Resources
SP-1003SP-10030.3 / 0.58013508WireRound10 x 2.43D Model3D Printable Enclosure
SP-1208SP-12080.25 / 0.5688008ContactsRectangular12 x 8 x 2.633D Model
SP-1217SP-12170.8/1.08511008WireEllipse12 x 17 x 3.43D Model3D Printable Enclosure
SP-1303LSP-1303L0.5 / 0.88711008EyeletRound13 x 3.33D Model
SP-1303L-1SP-1303L-10.58711008EyeletRound13 x 3.53D Model
SP-1303L-2SP-1303L-20.5 / 0.88711008EyeletRound13 x 3.53D Model
SP-1303L-3SP-1303L-30.5 / 0.88711008EyeletRound13 x 5.13D Model
SP-1304SP-13040.2 / 0.38890032WireRound13 x 4.33D Model
SP-1304-2SP-1304-20.5 / 0.88213008WireRound13.3 x 4.33D Model3D Printable Enclosure
SP-1503FWSP-1503FW0.59611008WireRound15 x 3.53D Model